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Biomedical Management

Biomedical Consulting Services (BCS) has developed and managed biomedical / clinical engineering programs for over twenty years. Our experience ranges from start-up and operation of a full range program for a 700 bed hospital complex to management of a commercial medical equipment service division. One of our Principals, Jerome T. Anderson, was instrumental in the early development of COHR (now Masterplan), one of the leading independent medical equipment service organizations in the United States.

Our services have been utilized by non-profit community hospitals, major medical centers, and large healthcare corporations alike.

We can help assure that a facility's biomedical services provide the appropriate support for the clinical activities of the organization.   Compliance with applicable codes and standards related to medical equipment support can be assured.   From the business viewpoint, BCS can assist in monitoring costs and providing optimum return on the funds invested in a biomedical support program.